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BCC Junior Fixtures 2019

Whilst all fixture date are correct at the time of publication, please check with Team Captains before you travel.

Fri 26th April U11s vs Lytham Home

Sun 28th April U10s vs Fleetwood Away

Wed 1st May U13s vs Lyyham A Home

Thurs 2nd May U11s vs St.Annes Away

Fri 3rd May U10s vs St.Annes Home

Sun 5th May U10s vs St.Annes Home

Sun 5th May U13s vs Lytham B Home

Wed 8th May U12s vs Lytham Home

Wed 8th May U17s vs Fylde Away

Thurs 9th May U15s vs Fylde Away

Fri 10th May U11s vs Fleetwood Home

Sun 12th May U13s vs Lytham C Away

Mon 13th May U12s vs Leyland Away

Fri 17th May U10s vs Gt.Eccleston Home

Sun 19th May U10s vs Lytham Away

Mon 20th May U15s vs Lytham Home

Wed 22nd May U11s vs Fulwood& Broughton Away

Thurs 23rd May U15s vs Longridge Away

Sun 26th May U15s B vs Penwortham Away

Tues 28th May U11s vs Lytham Away

Mon 3rd June U15s B vs Fylde Home

Tues 4th June U13s vs Lytham A Away

Wed 5th June U12s vs St.Annes Away

Wed 5th June U15s vs Leyland Home

Fri 7th June U11s vs St.Annes Home

Sun 9th June U10s vs St.Annes B Away

Tues 11th June U10s vs St.Annes A Away

Tues 11th June U13s vs Lytham B Away

Wed 12th June U15s vs Eccleston Away

Thurs 13th June U12s vs Fulwood& Broughton Home

Fri 14th June U10s vs Fleetwood Home

Sun 16th June U11s vs Fleetwood Away

Mon 17th June U15s vs Fulwood& Broughton Home

Wed 19th June U12s vs Chorley Home

Fri 21st June U10s vs Lytham Home

Mon 24th June U12s vs Gt,Eccleston Away

Mon 24th June U17s vs Lytham Away

Wed 26th June U13s vs Lytham C Home

Fri 28th June U11s vs Fulwood& Broughton Home

Sun 30th June U10 vs Gt.Eccleston Away

Mon 1st July U17s vs Thornton Cleveleys Home

Wed 3rd July U15s vs Thornton Cleveleys Away

Mon 8th July U15s vs St.Annes Home

Wed 10th July U13s vs Garstang Home

Thurs 11th July U17s vs Gt.Eccleston Away

Fri 12th July U12s vs Kirkham Home

Mon 15th July U17s vs Kirkham Home

Wed 17th July U15s vs Chorley Away

Thurs 18th July U15s vs Kirkham Away

Mon 22nd July U17s vs Fleetwood Home

Wed 24th July U13s vs Garstang Away

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