Blackpool Cricket Club Officers
Executive Committee Minutes


Mr. S.M. Ashworth


Mr. D. Cresswell

Vice Chairman

Mr. G. Anderton

Hon. Treasurer

Mr. S.M. Ashworth

Hon. General Secretary

Mrs. M. Chubb

Hon. Cricket/Sports Secretary

Mr. M. Lamb


Mr. P. Campbell

Executive Committee Members

Mr. J. Ambali

Mr. G. Anderton


Mr. H. Bancroft

Mrs. S Bonell

Mr. J. Boniface

Mr. S. Boyne

Mr. D. Cresswell

Mr. S. Croft

Mr. R. Garlick

Mr. T. Myerscough

Mr. A Westhead

Mr. S. Wrigley

Club Welfare Officers

Miss. S. Brown


Mrs. A. Howarth

Club Management Structure

Executive Committee

Bar and Catering Committee

Finance Committee

Communications and Marketing Committee

Cricket Committee

Cricket Selection Committee

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