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AGM Agenda 2023


3 rd January 2024

Dear Member,

The Annual General Meeting of the Members of Blackpool Cricket Club will be held in

the Ashworth Room in the Pavilion on Tuesday 9th January 2024 at 7.00pm, please bring your current

membership card to gain entry

Yours sincerely,

Michelle Chubb

Honorary General Secretary.


1 Apologies

2. Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting (held Tuesday 12th December 2022)

3. Correspondence.

4. Report of the Chairman of the Executive Committee.

5. Finance Report and Balance Sheet.

Copies of the accounts and the balance sheet will be available at the meeting.

6. To elect the following Officers for the ensuing year:-

(a) President; (b) Honorary Treasurer; (c) Honorary General Secretary;

(d) Honorary Cricket and Sports Secretary; (e) Accountants, and (f) Trustee

7. Executive Committee

To elect members to serve on the Executive Committee as follows: -

Four members to serve for 3 years.

One member to serve for 2 years

Joe Boniface, Steve Boyne, Tony Westhead and Sharon Bonell are due to retire and are seeking re-

election and a nomination has been received from Chris Duffield

8. Amendments to Rules proposed by the Executive Committee:

Rule 8: Proposed increases and changes to the Annual Subscriptions from 1st April 2024 are as


Members £30, Senior Citizens £25 and remove Lady Member including Ladies Cricket.

All sports player’s membership rates will be applied to the appropriate age category.

9. Any other relevant business.

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