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Firstly, we hope you and your family and friends are keeping safe and well during these unprecedented times. We know many of our members are eager to get back playing and watching cricket at the club. Recently the ECB announced guidelines for the use of outdoor cricket facilities during lockdown. We have reviewed the ECB guidance and will be adopting this to facilitate training at the club.

We plan to open the cricket nets to members via a booking system. (See instructions and notes below). Social distancing of at least two metres must be adhered to at all times. Full details of the ECB guidance which we have adopted can be found below. These guidelines must be agreed to by the individual member at the time of making a booking. A club official/coach will be present during each session to ensure the guidelines are being met. No club equipment can be used nor will the clubhouse be open for use. Players must provide their own equipment, with the exception of cricket stumps, they will be provided.

It is the responsibility of the individual to use the nets in a responsible manner and adhere with current Government guidance for COVID-19. If you are symptomatic, living in a household with a possible COVID-19 infection or if you are classified as extremely vulnerable on health grounds you should remain at home and follow Government guidance.

With the clubs effort and the responsible attitude of our player members we have an opportunity to take small steps forward and begin the journey back to the game we all love in a safe and healthy way.

The club’s Cricket Committee, cricket captains, coaches and supporters will review guidelines and the booking process throughout the period with a view of continual development in in line with the ECB.

BOOKING SYSTEM & GUIDELINES (must be agreed by all individuals taking part).

1. Sessions can be booked from 26th May 2020 onwards between 1100 and 1600 and 1700 and 1900 for members only. The sessions are on the hour and consist of 45 mins of nets and 15 mins to sanitise and leave the ground.

2. All player names and contact numbers must be provided at the time of booking to ensure contact tracing if necessary.

3. All players must confirm they have read and will adhere to the guidelines before any session is confirmed.

4. Sessions can be booked 7 days in advance and no more than 1 session in any 7 day period. This will be under constant review depending on demand.

6. Email to book a session - a confirmation will be provided.


The following guidelines have been adopted from the ECB guidelines for use of outdoor cricket facilities in lockdown, see here for further details.

It is essential that we all adhere to strict social distancing of at least two metres. Especially whilst using the nets at all times. The following guidelines (1-11) must be agreed to prior to booking any nets. Any individual found not to be meeting these will be declined permission to attend and may be asked to leave the ground. Failure to abide to the guidelines may also impact on the continuing provision to all club members.

1. Net sessions are open to individuals for use on your own, with members of your household or with one other person from outside your household while keeping two metres apart at all times. You must only exercise in groups of no more than two people unless you are exercising exclusively with members of your household. The use of cricket facilities and the taking part in training/practice sessions is exclusive to Blackpool Cricket Club members only.

2. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times and from same household.

3. Social distancing of at least two metres must be maintained at all times (unless all participants are members of the same household). Whilst we have no doubt that members will voluntarily comply, it is essential that we all help each other by this and keep our members safe. We are playing cricket nets at our own risk, the virus has not disappeared and social distance seems to be the main defence.

4. No sharing of equipment between players or use of club equipment (bowling machine) - use your own kit at all times. Batters should not touch balls thrown down by the bowler, use the bat to return ball to bowler where necessary.

5. The club ground is open for net use only. Please do not use the pitch or wicket areas unless guided to by club official/coach who will be present during the sessions.

6. No saliva or sweat should come into contact with the ball at any time.

7. Wash hands at home before and after use using the outdoor facilities. Bring your own hand sanitiser where possible.

8. The net session is on the hour for 45 minutes. The last 15 minutes allows you time to collect your belongs and leave. Please arrive 5 minutes before your session and ensure you leave before your hour is up. No gatherings around the nets or clubhouse is permitted. The Clubhouse will not be in use nor access permitted.

9. Please do not arrive before 10 minutes of the start of your session. You will be let in by a club official who will be ensuring that it is members only who are entering to play. You will be let in and out of the locked gate.

10. Before you leave please spray and wipe the wicket with disinfectant available at each net.

11. A club first aid kit will be accessible from the club official/coach if required.

N.B. The Booking System and Guidelines may be subject to change. The netting facility may be withdrawn at any stage by the club.

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