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Junior Clothing

How it works - Cricket kit is expensive and often children grow out of it very quickly. BCC have setup a facility to donate any unwanted, unused, second hand or new kit that your child has grown out of or does not use any longer that is in good condition. BCC will then advertise that kit here for others to claim with a suggested donation amount (all proceeds go towards Junior Cricket Development). T&C's below

  1. Donated kit must be cricket kit only 

  2. Donated kit must be junior sizes

  3. Donated kit must be in good usable condition, we will not accept damaged items or unusable items I'm afraid

  4. We will accept cricket clothing but would appreciate if it is clean please

  5. Kit that has been donated will be advertised here along with a suggested donation amount - all proceeds will go towards cricket development

  6. Sizes will be given but we recommend items are checked beforehand as sizes varies between manufacturers

  7. Please enquire about the availability using the following email address

  8. Any kit purchased can be returned but no donations will be refunded.

  9. If BCC deems that individuals are mis-using this service we will reserve the right to withdraw the service for certain individuals and may take further action such as membership revocation.

Junior Equipment

Adult Clothing and Kit

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