Blackpool Cricket Club AGM
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The Annual General Meeting will be held in the Presidents Lounge at 8pm on Tuesday, 10th December 2019.

As was agreed at the 2013 Annual General Meeting we will not be posting out the papers to members this year.

The calling notice and other papers will be available from the Club shortly.

There will be vacancies on the Executive Committee as follows:

Four vacancies for three years.

Gregg Anderton and Steven Croft retire and are seeking re-election.

Roger Hughes and Paul Ashcroft are not seeking re-election.

Nominations for election as an Officer or a member of the Executive Committee, including the person's name and address should be submitted in writing to me with the name of the proposer and a seconder by 8pm on Tuesday, 3rd December 2019.

Michelle Chubb

Honorary General Secretary

22nd November 2019



Barlow Crescent

West Park Drive




4th December 2019 


Dear Member,


The Annual General Meeting of the Members of Blackpool Cricket Club will be held in the Presidents Lounge in the Pavilion on Tuesday 10th December 2019 at 8.00pm.


Yours sincerely


Michelle Chubb

Honorary General Secretary



  1. Apologies.

  2. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting (11th December 2018).

  3. Correspondence.

  4. Report from the Chairman of the Executive Committee.

  5. Honorary Treasurer’s Report and Balance Sheet. (Copies of the accounts and the balance sheet can be obtained from the Club and will be available at the meeting)

  6. To elect the following Officers for the ensuing year:-

     (a) President

     (b) Honorary Treasurer 

     (c) Honorary General Secretary

     (d) Honorary Cricket and Sports Secretary 

     (e) Accountants

  7. Executive Committee

      To elect members to serve on the Executive Committee

      as follows:-

      Four members to serve for 3 years;

      Greg Anderton and Steven Croft are seeking re-election,

      Paul Ashford and Roger Hughes have decided not to seek


  8. Any other relevant business.


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on

11th December 2018


Present: Mr. D. Cresswell (in the Chair); 3 Officers of the Club; 7 members of the Executive Committee and 29 other members of the Club.


Apologies: Apologies for absence were received from Tom Myerscough, Caroline Blundell, Steven Kennedy and Philip Mather.



The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.


2. Membership

The Chairman referred to those members and friends of the Club who had died during the last year. The members stood in silence as a mark of respect.


3. Minutes

The minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 12th December 2017 were read and approved as a correct record and signed as such by the Chairman.


4. Correspondence

There was no correspondence to report.


5. Chairman’s Report

The Chairman presented his report for the year 2018.

He congratulated all the cricket teams on an excellent year, and gave special praise to the Ladies who had shown a fantastic improvement.  He thanked everyone involved with all the teams.

A number of Junior cricketers were developing into excellent prospects for the future.

The Chairman reported that significant improvements had been made at Mossom Lane and hoped this would reflect during the 2019 season.

He also discussed the Squash section and congratulated them on gaining promotion, and reported that they also have a healthy Junior section

He thanked the squash players and the social members for their support for the Club.

The Chairman explained that we had been very unfortunate with the weather at this year’s planned County fixture and at present we had not received any communication regarding a Lancashire 1st X1 fixture for 2019.

We are due to host a KIA Ladies game in August 2019.

LCCC have done a ground audit and we are waiting for the results.

The Chairman explained that we are currently looking at updating our

Alcohol Licence.

The Club is currently in discussions with Blackpool Borough Council regarding a 30 year lease.


The Chairman expressed his thanks to the bar and ground staff,

He also thanked The Executive Committee, Stuart Ashworth, The team captains and all the volunteers who have helped this year.


The Chairman informed the members that the future development of the Club House should hopefully commence in the Spring.


The Chairman’s Report was received.


6. Honorary Treasurer’s Report and Balance Sheet

The Honorary Treasurer presented the accounts and the balance sheet for the year ended 30th September 2018.


The accounts showed an excess of income over expenditure of £21,954

The Treasurer explained that there had been a 3% decrease in profits.  Additional costs had been incurred some of which was due to the much needed improvements at Mossom Lane.

Schedule 4 – The cost s of the tackle had been offset against last year.

The increase in the cricket teas was due to more fixtures.

The Treasurer explained that the income for the advertising boards was down due them being cancelled.

The Treasurer expressed his thanks to Ian Riding and Michelle Kelly at John Potter and Harrison for their help during the year.

The accounts were approved as presented.


7. Election of Officers

The following Officers were elected for the ensuing year:

a. President (Mr. S.M. Ashworth); b) Honorary Treasurer (Mr. S.M. Ashworth);

b. Honorary General Secretary (Mrs. M. Chubb); d} Honorary Cricket and Sports Secretary (Mr. M. Lamb); e) Accountants (John Potter and Harrison).


8. Executive Committee

There were vacancies for four members to serve on the Executive Committee for three years.


Dave Cresswell and Tom Mysercough were retiring and seeking re-election. Lester Jefferson had decided not to seek re-election.

Additional applications had been received from Simon Wrigley, Roger Garlick and Jayan Ambali.

After a ballot Dave Cresswell, Roger Garlick, Jayan Ambali and Simon Wrigley were elected to serve on the Executive Committee for three years.

Commiserations were extended to Tom Mysercough who had not been elected.


Date of next Meeting: 10th December 2019 at 8.00pm




Date       Signed:                 


Current 2018-19 Positions
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Mr. S.M. Ashworth


Mr. D. Cresswell

Vice Chairman

Mr. G. Anderton

Hon. Treasurer

Mr. S.M. Ashworth

Hon. General Secretary

Mrs. M. Chubb

Hon. Cricket/Sports Secretary

Mr. M. Lamb


Mr. P. Campbell

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Executive Committee Members

Mr. J. Ambali

Mr. G. Anderton


Mr. P. Ashford

Mrs. S Bonell

Mr. J. Boniface

Mr. S. Boyne

Mr. D. Cresswell

Mr. S. Croft

Mr. R. Garlick

Mr. R. Hughes

Mr. A Westhead

Mr. S. Wrigley

Club Welfare Officers
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Miss. S. Brown


Mrs. A. Howarth

Club Management Structure
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Executive Committee

Bar and Catering Committee

Finance Committee

Communications and Marketing Committee

Cricket Committee

Cricket Selection Committee