Blackpool Cricket Club AGM
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The 2021 Annual General Meeting will be held in the Ashworth Room at 7.00pm on Monday 21st March 2022


As was agreed at the 2013 Annual General Meeting we will not be posting out the papers to all members this year.


There will be 5 vacancies on the Executive Committee as follows:-


  • Four vacancies for 2 years 9 months

  • One vacancy for 9 months

  • David Cresswell and Simon Wrigley retire and are seeking re-election. Roger Garlick and Jayan Ambali have resigned.

  • Stuart Ashworth has decided to retire as Treasurer and will not be seeking re-election at the Annual General Meeting.


Nominations for election as an Officer or a member of the Executive Committee, including the person’s name and address should be submitted in writing to me with the name of a proposer and seconder by 7pm on Monday 14th March – email:


Michelle Chubb

Honorary General Secretary

15th February 2022


Current Officers
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Mr. S.M. Ashworth


Mr. D. Cresswell

Vice Chairman

Mr. G. Anderton

Hon. Treasurer

Mr. S.M. Ashworth

Hon. General Secretary

Mrs. M. Chubb

Hon. Cricket/Sports Secretary

Mr. M. Lamb


Mr. P. Campbell

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Executive Committee Members

Mr. G. Anderton


Mr. J. Walsh

Mrs. S. Bonell

Mr. J. Boniface

Mr. S. Boyne

Mr. D. Cresswell

Mr. S. Croft

Mr. R. Hughes

Mr. A Westhead

Mr. S. Wrigley

Mr. M. Hartley

Mr. T. Myerscough

Club Welfare Officers
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Miss. S. Brown


Mrs. A. Howarth

Club Management Structure
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Executive Committee

Bar and Catering Committee

Finance Committee

Communications and Marketing Committee

Cricket Committee

Cricket Selection Committee