A new venture at BCC...Cowbell Radio!

goodmusicThis is a new internet radio station which will be run by me and a few other local DJs, broadcasting from the old committee room at BCC. We want everyone at BCC to know about the station and all Facebookers to 'like' the page (as this helps us attract sponsors, money into BCC, etc). Use this link https://www.facebook.com/#!/Cowbell.Radio.Show or just type in 'Cowbell Radio' on Facebook to find it and like it.
There is also an app for i-phone users...basically there will be music playing 24*7.
Between midday and midnight there will be people presenting shows every day from BCC. The station plays a wide range of music, but basically steers clear of charty, cheesy stuff and also annoying adverts...expect to hear anything from indie, electro, hip hop, house, funk, drum n bass, punk and ska.
The station goes live this Thursday night and we're having a launch night at the bar in BCC (all welcome) and we'll also be hosting a few nights/parties/events at BCC in the coming months. One of them is the Alfresco festival which will be a great day out...posters are already dotted around the club and there is a Facebook page for that too.
If anyone wants any more info tell them to give me a shout, or have a search on Facebook or our new website (live from this Thursday) where all the info will be.
We also host Alfresco and Carnval events at Blackpool Cricket Club, which sees thousands decend on Blackpools best kept secret for days of great music and socialising.
Ed Mahon

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